“Hi,” Percy says, grinning.

Merlin rolls his eyes and Percy leans in the rest of the way and kisses him. He can hear Arthur’s inhale and feel his arms tightening around Merlin’s middle.

Overpowering Scerets

(Words: 747) Four times a year, the crown prince is bedridden, hidden away from the court, and only his manservant may see him. Four times a year, Merlin finds his resolve grow thinner and thinner. (Summer pornathon fic. Late repost.)

Fic Rec: Forcing Serendipity

Summary:Merlin has been head over heels for his boss, a man he’s never actually spoken too. But when their first meeting goes worse than even the most mortifying nightmares he could have dreamt of- courtesy of Merlin’s snark and Arthur’s pomposity- the only way to avoid losing his job in publishing is to be involved in making the cover of a Gay Romance Novel. But being “involved” turned out to be a much vaguer term than Merlin would have liked. If Merlin hears the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for,” one more time- he’s going to scream.


Thank you! Much appreciated


Anonymous said: SOrry to bug, but do you know any good Merthur fanfics with Druid virginity rights?

I’m really sorry, I don’t really read druid fics that often so I could only find a couple - I hope they are ok. If anyone knows of any others it would be extremely helpful to chuck them in the ask box or submit them… Thank you! 

The Sacred Marriage ‘Verse

AU. The last night before Merlin is to leave the druid conclave and step into the position of young King Arthur’s court magician, he is compelled to do the druids one last service—assuming the role of the Virgin Bride in the Beltane fertility rite of “The Sacred Marriage.”

  • dub-con
  • Beltane
Merlin/Arthur. To take someone out of their proper time, and let them live in another, one must let the world break.

(I’m sorry again I couldn’t find any more!) 

Anonymous said: Are there any good Merthur High School Au Fics?

Yeah sure! There are loads of these, hope you like them! 

Doodle Me Silly

Arthur Pendragon is the school prince, the knightly jock of Camelot High School. Merlin is the artistic nerd that spends way too much time doodling away. None of those things matter because they’re best of friends.

…. Best friends who also happen to hopelessly crush on each other.

AKA: Sweet, fluffy sex.

Out of Body

(This is one of my personal favourites) Finding out that his best friend is gay shouldn’t be a big deal. But then, catching Merlin wanking to gay porn shouldn’t turn Arthur on, either. With his plans for uni in shambles and his position on the high school footie team lost to injury, Arthur’s determined not to disappoint his father any further. Running away from Merlin seems like the easiest thing to do, but his denial might cost him everything.

The Detention King of Avalon High

There’s a new kid at school, and he’s not Merlin Emrys’ type at all—until he turns out to be much more than Merlin ever expected. American HS AU.

I LOVE these ones but it is teacher/student so just be warned if it’s not what you like!


When studying goes wrong. Alternatively: Arthur is a jerk and Merlin would hate him if he wasn’t in love with him. Or so he says.

Stop Watching 

Browbeaten and threatened into denying himself by a domineering father who refuses to be embarrassed by even a whisper that his son is gay, Arthur has given up everything that he’s ever wanted in his life to keep the peace — shaky as it is — with Uther.

Arthur Pendragon, a former track and field Olympic medallist, is the well-liked and successful track coach of Camelot High, with a long list of former students making the national teams. For years, he’s been courted to join the coaching staff at Ivy League universities, with the national team, for the Olympic team, but instead of jumping at the opportunities in front of him, Arthur keeps his head down and stays at Camelot out of a feeling responsibility for his students, duty to the school, and a tiny, little bit of fear.

It’s the first day of school and a new runner joins Arthur’s team — a senior transfer from Ealdor High. Merlin Emrys is out, open, impossibly friendly, immediately popular, and impossibly persistent.

Merlin has two goals: the Olympics and Arthur.

Merlin is a juvenile delinquent who doesn’t do good boys, and Arthur is the best boy of them all. But Arthur wants Merlin, and Arthur always gets what he wants. High school AU.
I have a massively long list of these so feel free to ask for more :)
*ALL of these have Merthur as the main pairing*

kwon-jiiyong said: Your blog makes me happy and now you're following me and it makes me even happier, so thanks! c:

awh thank you! <3 Well your blog makes me happy so thank you for following me ;) 

laddertotheskies said: I'm not sure if you take requests, but I was wondering if you could help me find a merthur fic. it takes place in canon era, and is mainly about how hard it is for Merlin to work for Arthur because he's in love. In the end, though, Arthur asks a really intrusive and intimate question, and Merlin runs away and hides in a tree. Arthur runs after him and, frustrated, carves their names together in the tree. If I can get your help, that'd be great. Thank you!!!

I’m really sorry but I’ve never heard of this one :/ 

Maybe if people have heard of it they can let me or you know?! I’m sorry if I ever come across it I’ll definitely rec it x

Anonymous said: D'you know of any social networking Merthur fics? Thanks!

The Meat Feast

Merlin is a BNF fanartist for The Roman, a camp HBO gladiator show. He accidentally becomes involved with The Roman’s lead actor, Arthur Pendragon, over Skype without realizing it. Many pornographic shenanigans and misunderstandings ensue.


Arthur meets M on the internet. Over nearly a year he falls in love with him. When they meet, Arthur has to deal with the fact that M is a girl, and that he is head over heels while supposedly being gay.

Pairing: Pendragon/Merlin

Pendragon is kind of an internet celebrity and he needs a new beta for his fanfics. Enter Merlin.

The Chat Challenge

26 IM entries between Merlin and Arthur.

Erm I’m not sure if this is exactly what you wanted? But I hope you like them

Anonymous said: D'you have anything that has to do with hockey? :3

Let’s Play Hockey

“Merlin!¹” came a distraught call, “Merlin what have you done?”
Merlin was sprawled on the ground, and a small pool of blood began to gather around his head.

The Greatest Game Ever Played


AU fic. The Knights of Camelot are competing in the Hockey Grail Cup Tournament. Gwen is a huge fan of the sport, and she dragges Morgana along to watch.

Like A Burning Flame

The Knights and their opponents - the Kitchener Rangers, Gwen informed him – were already on the ice for the pregame warm-up, and as Merlin and the girls took their seats at the front of the skybox he was given a quick rundown of each player

(Sorry, that’s all I could find)

Anonymous said: Dancer Merlin? :D

I found lots of exotic dancing Merlin - I’m not sure if that’s quite what you wanted but…

Arthur’s secretary is hell bent on getting him a life. He never expected that life to involve her pole dancing friend, Merlin.

Olympic men’s figure skating, they could be watching it and critiquing the fuck out of Evan Lysacek’s dueling snake outfit, they could be the favored rivals on ice, what have you. I just want Arthur and Merlin and lots of glittery outfits. Arthur and Merlin are rivals. Merlin and Arthur are figure skaters. Fact is there are two rivals but just only one Olympic gold medal.

Arthur wanted to spit the coffee out and say something wonderful and perfect like people in romantic movies said, all deep and shit, but he was Arthur and he was awkward when it came to emotions, and so he just ended up with the rather unpleasant feeling of coffee trying to back its way up into his nose.

Oh well there never was a cat so clever as magical Mr Mistoffelees…
Merlin and Arthur are actors on the West End

I know you asked for Dancer!Merlin but here is some Dancer!Arthur for you incase you’re interested

Arthur auditions to be a stripper at one of Merlin’s high profile establishments. The result is two hot and bothered men and some ill advised office sex.

Merlin watches Arthur dance every Saturday night and hopes maybe tonight he won’t have to go home alone.

Just your everyday Circus AU. Or: In which there are aerialists, decorative metal flowers, prejudices, artsy books and magic. Obviously.

I hope you like these :) 

Anonymous said: Could you please suggest any fictions where Merlin is one-sidedly in love with Arthur, and he has been hurt because he has to see Arthur loves someone else? Thank you :)

Sorry this took so long! I couldn’t find too many, a lot of them were Arthur one sidedly in love with Merlin ha hope these are ok…

Merlin has been in a series of failed relationships since uni, and Arthur has been a slag for just as long. After Merlin’s most recent breakup, Arthur bets he can stay in a relationship longer than Merlin can stay single. Neither of them suspects their little bet will backfire so spectacularly—or open up so many possibilities.

Merlin drinks away his sorrows the eve of Gwen’s coronation and is dragged out of the dining hall by Arthur for inappropriate, anger-driven, drunken behaviour.

Arthur is a manwhore and his best friend Merlin has always helped him with everything, but when Arthur meets an special fling, everything changes between them.

Unrequited Love

Modern AU 


Anonymous said: Any Gwaine/Elena?

He just got kicked out of the pub, he’s drunk, it’s raining. That’s when he sees her.

The morning after the party, Gwaine decides to go for a swim. He doesn’t get past the dock.

Elena and Arthur make a pact to ask their crushes to the prom. Ridiculous ensues.

Noble people are noble people; the world could do without them. Or so Gwaine thinks until he meets a certain princess.

Gwaine’s friends are aware that he’s a kinky bastard, even if they don’t know all the explicit details. When he meets Arthur’s new friend Elena, it turns out she’s not just curious but willing and wanting.

These were harder to find than I expected! But I hope you enjoy x

Anonymous said: Hey, could you recommend any Gwaine/ Merlin fanfics please, modern or not. Thank you :)

Yesss of course!  :)

Gwaine goes to a painting class and meets Merlin, who is not necessarily a great painter…but they get along alright anyway.

Nervous and inexperienced Merlin goes on a running date with Gwaine. Muddy puddles, showers and first times. Modern AU. Written for Summer Pornathon

Gwaine likes Merlin, Merlin likes Gwaine. There are sex toys involved.

A leaky tent on a school camping trip leads to sleeping bag sharing. First times, frottage and fluff.

When Gwaine’s in town for the weekend, Merlin goes to visit him. They make good use of the hotel’s pool.

Merlin/Gwaine & Merlin/Arthur or Merlin/Arthur/Gwaine (just incase you wanted some):

At sixteen, Merlin had been gangly and awkward and nothing but the cook’s son to his crush: carefree playboy Gwaine Debois. When he returned to England after a couple of years away, he was delighted and surprised to catch Gwaine’s interest. But the course of true love never did run smooth and Arthur, Gwaine’s business-focused cousin had an agenda of his own and Merlin was standing in his way.

When Merlin is injured during a hunting trip, Arthur and Gwaine need to tend to his wounded bottom.


Anonymous said: Hi, do you have any fics where Arthur has to go from his rich lifestyle to a normal lifestyle and he meets Merlin who helps him out?

Not an Act, but a Habit

Arthur is a spoiled university student. After one transgression too many, Arthur’s father makes him spend a night at a hostel for homeless youth to give him a reality check. While there, he meets a tough-talking kid who is more than he seems. In spite of themselves, they become inseparable.

Highschool AU


Reversal of Fortune

Wherein Arthur is not the rich boss, and Merlin is not the assistant. (Modern au.)

Absolute Magnitude

a modern AU wherein Merlin is the Prince of Wales.

I’m really sorry! This was the best I could do, people seem to only really write Rich!Arthur and Poor!Merlin x